Libray catalog


  1. Abramov D. Orthodox companion
  2. Ancient christian writers
  3. Arena (monasticism)
  4. Ascetical Homilies of St Isaak Syrin
  5. Bacovcin N. Way of a rilgrim
  6. Bede the venerable on the Gospels Book 1
  7. Bede the venerable on the Gospels Book 2
  8. Bede the venerable, commentary of catholic epistles
  9. Basyl the Great On the holy spirit
  10. Benedektine monks (record)
  11. Bettenson H. Documente of the Christian church
  12. Bobulsky S. Rulers of servants of Christ
  13. Budge W. Paradise of the Holy Fathers
  14. Budge W. Paradise of the Holy Fathers v 1
  15. Budge W. Paradise of the Holy Fathers v 2
  16. Burman S. Book of Angels
  17. Cabasilas N. A commentary of the divine liturgy
  18. Candless
  19. Cathechism of the orthodox church
  20. Cavarnos C. Future life according to orthodox
  21. Children's othodox pryer book
  22. Children's othodox pryer book
  23. Christianity v ersus sorcery
  24. Christmas cantiones (record)
  25. Chrysostom J On wealth and poverty
  26. Chryssavgins J My world, my church
  27. Climacus J. Ladder of Divine ascend
  28. Climacus J. Ladder of Divine ascend
  29. Colliander T. Way of the ascetics
  30. Constantine archiman John of kronstadt
  31. Cross F      . St Cyril of Jerusalem's
  32. Danaway What is the orthodox church?
  33. Deiss L Spring time of Liturgy .
  34. Dionosius A. Divine names
  35. Early Father from Philokalia
  36. Easter on Mount Athos (record)
  37. Elder Joseph of Optima
  38. Elder Joseph of Optima
  39. Evdokomov P. Sacraments of love
  40. Evergetinos vol 1
  41. Explanation of the Holy Gaspel
  42. Explanation by blessed Theophylact



Dear brothers and sisters!


The rector of the Holy Trinity Church, Archpriest Vasily, will be undergoing medical treatment until the end of 2017. In his absence, for all matters related to the Divine Services, baptisms, weddings, funerals and other necessary sacraments, contact Father Mark in person on Saturdays and Sundays, or by phone at other times: (262) 797-9242(414) 380-2991.  


Phone numbers of the members of the parish council: treasurer of the parish Valery S. Chekanov (414) 779-0561; Secretary of the parish Marina Boyko (262) 470-4013.


The church is open according to the usual schedule of Divine Services:


Saturday: from 4:30 pm and Sunday at 8:00 am.